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We chefs have the ability to create delicious and original dishes our customers will love without causing torment to animals.

— Chef Wolfgang Puck

"I am an avid hunter but this is totally disgusting!"

—Dave Gipe, Sparks, NV

As a Washoe County citizen and Nevada hunter, I will not support the sale, production and consumption of Foie Gras. To torture and abuse any animal is wrong.

—Thomas Cannon, Reno, NV

← Please sign our petition to ban the sale of this so-called "food" to end this cruel practice as has been done in the entire United Kingdom, the state of California (the 6th largest economy in the world), 14 other countries and UK.
Locals Speak Out Against Foie Gras #3

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No Foie Gras in OUR Parks!
Sat, July 26, 2014

Wilbur May Museum, Rancho San Rafael
1595 N. Sierra, Reno

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Twenty activists greeted diners with signs and pamphlets asking them to consider skipping the foie gras dessert. Protesters chanted and marched around the Garden Court and held signs in front of the windows for several hours including:
Photo Gallery Locals Speak Out Against Foie Gras #1

Locals Speak Out Against Foie Gras #2

Write to Commissioners in support of ending foie gras sales in Northern Nevada Sign Petition

Foie Gras Free Reno!
Seeking an end to inhumane treatment and cruelty toward ducks and geese via a ban on producing and selling foie gras.

Dedicated to Washoe County's continued excellence as a world-leader in the treatment of animals.

With its world-renowned "no-kill" policy for which it has received major national funding, and its ban on carriage-horse rides, it only stands to reason that Washoe County extends throughout the west the ban on serving Foie Gras, a "delicacy" born of immeasuarable cruelty.

Undercover cameras reveal nightmare cruelty at factory farm providing foie gras to the Reno area

Public Comment Asking Commission to Change Contracts to Deny Animal Cruelty Including Food Produced From Force-Feeding.

I left the two other commenters in the video for their surprise support of our request. The first gentleman also said outloud after he left the podium, though was inaudible, "And don't eat foie gras!"

Later in the meeting Commissioner Kitty Jung formally asked the staff to look into the matter, "Though I know you already are, I just want to put it on the record," while Commissioner Marsha Berkbigler asked for an update on the process at a future meeting, signalling urgency to get the job done. Commissioner Vaughn Hartung mentioned that he supported what Kitty had spoken of.

URGENT ACTION, July, 2014!


The Facebook page touted something like "Hungry? Why not go out and have some foie gras!" which promoted a local casino restaurant (Peppermill and Circus Circus restuarants do not serve foie gras) and a picture of what looked like bleeding FG. After postings on animal cruelty by several FGFreeReno supporters, the post was deleted.

URGENT ACTION, February 2014!



Museum asks food-space leasee Chez Louie to cancel event, bowing to pressure from local grassroots group. Chez Louie agrees.

Full Text of Letter

Hi Billy,

Thank you for your email. The Nevada Museum of Art deeply appreciates your support. We are a community institution, a museum of ideas, of learning, and rich, cultural experiences. Patrons like yourself create the foundation for the work we do. So again, thank you.

Regarding the foie gras event, please understand the Museum is not, nor ever was, a sponsor of the event. We run a partnership with chez louie in addition to a rental program open to the members of the community who wish to host their event in our beautiful institution.

However, due to the controversial nature of Mire Poix, we have asked chez louie to cancel the February 15 event and they have agreed. Please inform your friends and colleagues of this decision.

We are happy to hear from you and welcome any and all feedback or concern at any time. We hope to see you here enjoying the Museum in the near future.

Billy, would you please consider putting this positive information on your Facebook page, so your supporters understand the Museum's position? Thank you.

Amanda Horn
Director of Communications
Cell Phone 775.636.2567
Direct Line 775.398.7228
Fax 775.398.7273

Dear Amanda,

Very much appreciate your understanding in this issue.

Prepping a press release and an all points bulletin for the good news. Please thank all the decision makers who came to this thoughtful conclusion.

Let Chez Louie know we will encourage patronizing them for canceling the event.


Billy Howard, Founding Organizer
Foie Gras Free Reno/Sparks/Washoe

Sample Letter

Dear Nevada Museum of Art,

I represent Foie Gras Free Reno, a grassroots movement to end the sale of Foie Gras in Reno, Sparks and Washoe County, just as has been done in the state of California.

Please see the "What is Foie Gras?" page on our website to understand the unacceptable, inhumane and sickening process in which animals are tortured to death over a 2½ week period in order to get the fattest liver from the goose or duck as possible. This practice is coming to an end in numerous regions around the world. It is our intention to ban the sale of this despicable product in our area once and for all.

On February 15, 2014, Chez Louie will host Mire Poix in an event "at the Nevada Museum of Art," according to this event listing on their website. Though we understand from speaking with phone staff that the Museum is not holding this as a fundraiser, we are gravely concerned that this event is billed as being held at the NMA. For many people, they won't see any information in local newspapers other than the Museum is associating itself with a foie gras tasting event.

The Museum is a jewel in our midst, one of the most lively places to visit, learn, view and enjoy refreshments in Northern Nevada. We are sad to see such an important institution tied with such a deplorable practice.

We look forward to hearing from you and what your position is on this matter.


Billy Howard, Founding Organizer
Foie Gras Free Reno

What is this all about?
See our What is Foie Gras? page.

To keep up with the progress of making Washoe County foie gras free, join our email list.
Please sign our petition to end Foie Gras sales in Washoe County.

Endorsements See More On Our Endorsements page.
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